Tackling the CCNP/CCIE Enterprise Core Exam

This week I'm officially starting my studies for the new CCNP/CCIE ENCOR Exam. As I did when my CCNA Studies, here's my strategy. I've targeted May 2020 to take the exam.


Books - I'll be using both the new OCG and the current ones.

Video Courses - So far there haven't been any new video courses released, I will add additional courses in once they become available:


  • INE CCNP Lab Workbooks

  • CloudMyLab Subscription for GNS3 or EVE-NG

  • I also have a physical lab at my office. (Keeping that electric bill low!)

Other Tools

  • Asana - Tracking my Progress, I'm trying to get away from excel spreadsheets

  • Quizlet - I'll be using this to hold all of the DIKTA Questions (Follow Me)

  • OneNote - For Typing up my Notes

The Approach

I usually read the certification guides from cover to cover and videos in succession. This time I'm going to focus on the topics as outlined in the Exam Blueprint. As I'm learning about each topic, I will be doing the configuration to ensure my understanding of the material. I will also be trying some mindmapping for topics as well. Lastly, I'll be sharing my notes here on the blog and posting labs on Youtube. Since the CCNP ENOR Exam also qualifies for the CCIE Enterprise Exam, this is the official start of my CCIE Journey.


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