• Deirra Footman

100 Days of ISE

If you've followed me for a while, you know one of my favorite Cisco Technologies is ISE (Identity Services Engine). I've worked with the product on and off for a few years and this year the SISE 300-715 is on my cert wish list. Since I'm juggling a few other priorities, I've decided to eat this elephant in smaller bites. If you are familiar with the #100DaysofCode, it works by committing at least 1 hour a day to learning your chosen language. In my case, I will be dedicated at least 1 hour to the ISE exam blueprint. Here are some of the resources I'll be using as of now:

I'll be sharing my notes in blog form and a summarized version on my socials starting today! You can Track my progress using the hastag #100DaysofISE and www.100daysofISE.com.

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